Mobility Swapping Optimization with Location-Aware Fog Positioning Algorithm (LAFPA)
Paper ID : 1022-ICEEM2021 (R3)
doaa hamed abd el aziz abo hussien *1, nirmeen A. Wahab El-Bahnasawy2, ashraf el sisi3, ayman el syed2
114 El awkaf accommodation, behind elnagda, flat137 fourth level
2Computer Science & Eng. Dept., Faculty of Electronic Eng. Menoufia University EL-Menoufia, Egypt
3Computer Science Department Faculty of Computers and Information Menoufia University El-Menoufia, Egypt
Developing technologies for instance the Internet of Things (IoT) that are part of the elegant health care world needs latency-aware computation for real-time application processing. IoT system data created are generally processed in a cloud infrastructure due to on-demand applications and the scalability of the computing in the cloud model. However, processing IoT applications on a cloud-only basis is not an efficient solution for certain IoT applications, especially health care applications. Fog computing exists between cloud and IoT devices to fix this problem. These fog systems are close to the users and are capable of data computing, flexible communication, and local storage rather than cloud storage. Fog provides faster response and higher quality services. Fog handling can therefore be considered the best choice to enable elegant health care IoT to provide efficient and secure services to many IoT smart health care users. Mobility one of the crucial arguments in running IoT elegant health care applications in the fog computing world. Several studies have recently emerged to address device mobility in diversity from cutting-edge research areas, including fog computing and cloudlets. This paper proposes a comprehensive assessment from the literature on fog computing technologies in the field of IoT healthcare systems and mobility crucial argues. Besides a Location-Aware Fog Positioning Algorithm (LAFPA) that maintains the connection between the mobile end-user and the ideal fog node. It provides latency by 40% to 50% below the other algorithms of distribution suggested fog nodes, faster application response resources, and enhances system performance in real-time.
fog computing, IoT, healthcare, mobility, migration, fog placement
Status : Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)